Brown Eggs, (Desi-Ande)

Brown- egg (desi-ande) contains more protein than white eggs and this is the powerhouse of proteins, that are needed for building muscles and repairing damaged tissues.

Quality:- Good to be consumed and preserved for 30-35 days in refrigeration, at room temperature for 7-10 days.

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Size:- The brown eggs are bigger in size and the yolk of the egg is darker than the white variant.

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Brown eggs online order on Foodtokary. Their price is greater than the white eggs. Brown-egg, (desi-ande) is almost always more expensive than white eggs. Surely, this means they’re organic, more nutritious, superior and delicious, and blessed by golden angels.

Brown eggs are slightly more rich in omega-3. brown eggs give us energy and make us feel satiated. The yolk of the egg is rich in vitamin D and is essential for boosting immunity and providing energy for the entire day. It can easily boil in a Microwave oven.

Why should we eat brown eggs?

Eggs from “Vegetarian Fed” hens are superior.

It also means that the hens weren’t outdoors pecking around for other food sources like insects. So if you’re looking for eggs from hens that foraged outdoors, “Vegetarian Fed” is not the right pick.

In Agra, there are brown eggs online prices higher than white because they think brown eggs are better, organic than white.



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