Brown rice (sela chawal)

This rice grain is smooth and shiny, every grain is good and checked by our team.

Your family is our first priority. The nutrients that are added back in are incredible for your body, such as iron, vitamin B, niacin, and others.

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Quality:- Better in quality and we recommend storing in a dried container for a long time. We recommend storing it for a long time.

Size:- Medium and large grain size of brown Sela Chawal.

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It’s amazing to see buying brown rice 1kg price on Foodtokary so good and how many ways we benefit from healthy food from Brown rice.

It’s beneficial for your brain your nervous system to your heart will improve.

Your brain feels better because of its natural anti-depressant properties. Your nervous system will function more efficiently. It can help prevent cancer.

why should we eat rice?

High Nutritional Value

Brown Rice contains a very low amount of saturated fats and cholesterol making it a healthy food for the heart. It is owing to the high nutritional content that it is used worldwide in various cuisines. You can buy other grocery things like sugar, Flore etc. Here are the best brown rice 1kg priced at just Rs 50.


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