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Kwality-Walls Crunchy Butterscotch Brick-700ml

Butterscotch ice cream is Kwality walls dessert. we give you the best-frozen dessert and service that delivered to you. We recommend you can store it in the freezer for 12 months from the date of manufacture but it should not be melted. You can buy more ice creams like choco mini, cornetto choco vanilla, etc.

Quality:- This is Kwality walls and best in taste your health. In short neither it will halm for your family’s health nor in taste-wise.

Size: 700ml Family pack.

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Butterscotch ice cream family pack price is reliable for everyone. This is a crunchy and creamy delight for pleasure seekers. It’s looking for pure, guilt-free indulgence and filled with the goodness of real cashews.

Its rich the creamy taste will keep you craving for more till the very last bite and after.

What is contains?

This contains Water, Sugar, Butterscotch Flavoured and an additional Confectionery (10.36%), (Sugar, Cashew Nuts, Butter), Milk Solids, Palm Oil, or Liquid Glucose, finally, Kwality walls add all the ingredients in crunchy butterscotch ice cream.

Note:- Butterscotch ice cream family pack price reliable from market and Foodtokary gives you good information of frozen dessert. You can choose the more ice-creams as well as.


Amount Per Portion
Calories                              126 kCal
Fat                                       6 g
Saturated Fat                    3.1g
Total Carbohydrate         16.2g
Sugars                                14.5g
Protein                               1.9g

why should you eat Butterscotch ice cream?

Rich and creamy butterscotch are perfect on its own, eaten straight off a spoon, but it’s also a terrific, gooey addition to almost any dessert.

butterscotch of Kwality wall good for diabetic persons because Kwality walls do not add additional sugar in their desserts.


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