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Chana dal is delicious, nutritious and easily digested. Indian cooking is resisted with the huge use of chana dal in different ways.

Quality life:- Recommend to preserved in a dried box or container for 12 months from purchase to consume.

Size:- Medium & large.

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Chana dal Price is low on Foodtokary from other companies, It is the most popular legume and rich with proteins.

roasted or powdered to make the besan like chickpea flour or Bengal gram flour. It has a rich flavour and aroma.

They look and taste like small kernels of sweet corn and work well in soups, salads, and rice dishes. Combined with rice and roti, it provides the essential amino acids for complete protein. chana dal price is so reasonable.

Why should we use it?

Health Benefits of Chana Dal

  1. Chana dal is high in fibre and helps to lower cholesterol.
  2. It also has a very low hypoglycemic index, which is important for those with.


  1. Chana dal is a helpful source of zinc, folate, calcium and protein.
  2. It is low in fat and most of it is polyunsaturated.
  3. Chana dal is extremely delicious in taste, full of nutritious and can be digested easily.
  4. High Content of Fiber:-

Chana dal has a rich content of fibre in it. This content of fibre enhances digestive health and digestive system. People experiencing problems with metabolism can also add it to their diet and besides this; the people who experience problems like constipation can also add them to their diet.


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