Kwality Walls Choca Doodle Doo Chocolate – 700ml

Choco double doo chocolate ice cream is Kwality walls dessert. We give you the best dessert and service delivered to you. You can store it in the freezer for 12 months from the date of manufacture but it should not be melted.

Quality:- This is Kwality walls and best in taste for your health. In short neither it will harmful for your family’s health, nor in taste.

Size:- 700ml Family pack.

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Choco doodle doo chocolate ice-cream brick of Kwality walls. Choco doodle doo is the finest chocolate.

Rich cocoa extract is made with this.

Euphoria may occur upon tasting. Its rich chocolaty taste is bound to teleport you to another good land full of a burst of surprises in every mouthful.

Let’s hear you go Choco-Doodle-Do for Kwality Walls Chocolate Party Pack.


Kwality Walls Chocolate Family Pack. Chocolate ice cream brick,

contains Pure Water, Sugar, Edible Palm Oil, and Milk Solids. It also contains  Liquid Glucose, Cocoa Solids as well as Vegetable Protein (Soy).

Why should we eat chocolate ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream is the way to happiness.

Chocolate desserts could protect your skin from sunburn.

Seriousness shows your maturity but all-time it’s mental.

It reduces mental temper.

Most chocolate has caffeine. It neither creates distraction nor goes to unnecessary work.

When you want to do focus work, you can eat chocolates.

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