Cornetto Butterscotch -115ml

A creamy butterscotch delight packed in a crispy cone coated topped with caramel sauce and butterscotch crunches.

Quality:- Good in quality well packed but store in the cold store.

Size & storage:- 115 ml in size and you can store for best before 12 months from date of manufacture.

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Cornetto butterscotch cone price you can check with a single click. This good frozen dessert is a delicious combination of brown sugar, butter, and vanilla pours.

This over your favorite popcorn, then baked to a crispy and chewy, salty other than sweet golden perfection. Kwality walls cornetto butterscotch corn’s layer is softly decomposing in the mouth.

Above the corn a thick layer of butter that makes a different taste of cornetto.


Popcorn, Brown Sugar, Butter, Corn Syrup, Butterscotch chips, Natural and Artificial flavorings, and also Contains Milk, Soya products.

Why should you eat butterscotch ice cream?

You can read the importance of butterscotch ice cream then go for the prices.

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