White Eggs

The egg is popular for its high protein and health supplements contain high protein 35%, fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. Most health-conscious eat eggs in their daily morning routine.

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Quality:- We recommend, you can preserve for 30-35 days in refrigerated and 7-10 at room temperature.

Size: Medium or large in size available.

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White Egg price in Agra on Foodtokary,  people have been enjoying and nourishing themselves with eggs.

Eating one egg a day may reduce the risk of heart- disease or stroke.

During pregnancy  and breastfeeding, an adequate supply of choline is particularly important, since choline is essential for normal brain development

Why should you eat eggs?

These Are Load With Vitamins and minerals.

In a single egg, you got vitamins and minerals that help your body to the best of its ability. Want to know more about eggs click here & get eggs benefits, types, nutritional value.

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