Shameless Vanilla Family Pack Ice Cream-700ml

Shameless vanilla is a frozen dessert family pack crispy, creamy, sweety, or tasty and enjoys your shameless Frozen dessert family pack with your relatives, family, friends, or neighbor.

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Quality:- This is Kwality-walls frozen dessert best in taste, delicious and we recommend that you can store only in the freezer for one summer season.

Size:- one family pack 700ml.

You can easily buy Fresh Shameless Vanilla Family Pack for your family with a single click.

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All things about shameless family pack vanilla ice cream. It claims to make me want to shameless dig into this creamy dessert. Shameless Vanilla aims at being a classic vanilla taste.

We have to give you the best and most tasty dessert.

Important facts about shameless family pack vanilla ice cream. Although, this is a frozen dessert and not ice cream. That means it is made using vegetable fat, and not milk fats.

It contains natural flavours or artificial vanilla flavouring substances. It contains 10.2% of vegetable oil and protein products. A single serving (53g) has 112 Kcal.

Texture & Taste: Shameless Vanilla

Shameless vanilla ice cream is creamy and rich. Despite no use of eggs. (The ingredients do not mention eggs and the tub carries a vegetarian).

Shameless vanilla is neither too dense nor too airy. It scoops easily and tasted good even after melting. It has a clean vanilla flavour.

Making you want to back for seconds and thirds. So without taking much time!

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