Green chilli, (Hari mirch)


Green chilli (Hari-Mirch) Consume regularly helps in balancing high blood sugar levels by controlling the insulin level. Each chilli fresh and check the quality from our team before dispatch your order. Know more benefits about Hari-Mirch click here.

Quality:- We have to collect fresh veggies direct firm to you every day so there is less chance to dispatch refresh veggies to you. We recommend to preserved in the freeze for  12-15 days.

Size:- Small or medium in size

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Green Chilli Price Today better than other resellers when you compare the prices from Foodtokary, you got to know. Foodtokary is delivered to you with good quality organic foods for your health. We give you good green chilli price just Rs20/ 200grams. Get to know more about benefits to click here

Why should we eat it?

Benefits the Digestive Tract

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the capsaicin in peppers actually acts as an anti-irritant. People with ulcers have been told for years to avoid hot spicy foods, but research has revealed that peppers are beneficial to ulcers.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

It also aids the circulatory system and prevents heart disease by lowering blood serum cholesterol and reduces lipid deposits, and therefore, reverses excessive blood clotting. It also dilates the blood vessels to aid in blood flow.

Note:- The Green Chilli Price Today depends on the market’s demands.


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