Kwality-walls Cornetto Oreo Disc- 120ml

Cornetto disc oreo best corn of Kwality walls. Good in taste or packaging of the ice-cream well supportive. It’s is crispy delicious of crunchy. So enjoy your cornetto oreo disc with chocolate.

Quality:- Kwality walls are the Hindustan Unilever Dessert brand. They give the best quality dessert not ice-cream. Keep under the freezer.

Size:- Minimum Net Content- 120 ml (80gm).

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Ice cream cornetto oreo disc mix made in heaven. Oreo crushed in creamy Vanilla wrapped in our first-ever chocolate cone topped with a chocolate disc. This is a dessert of Hindustan Unilever as well as Kwality walls.


Creamy vanilla with Oreo crumbs in a wafer cone (14.63%) with the chocolate compound coating(21.95%).

It also contains Water, Compound Coating (21.95%). Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm oil, Cocoa Solids, Coconut Oil.

Why should we eat corn ice-cream?

Firstly corn is the part of snack ice dessert that got fixed shape. Sometimes ice-cream cornetto is the part to show off. people feel cool to enjoy eating corn-dessert.

Mostly it gives you health benefits. Eating chocolate corn ice-cream increase your focus in the work. Kwality- Walls ice cream cornetto oreo best in flavor & most demandable in youth this frozen dessert.

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