Kwality-walls Cornetto Oreo Disc- 120ml

Cornetto disc oreo best corn of Kwality walls. Good in taste or packaging of the ice-cream well supportive. It’s is crispy delicious of crunchy. So enjoy your cornetto oreo disc with chocolate.

Quality:- Kwality walls are the Hindustan Unilever Dessert brand. They give the best quality dessert not ice-cream. Keep under the freezer.

Size:- Minimum Net Content- 120 ml (80gm).

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Ice cream cornetto oreo disc mix made in heaven.

Oreo crushed in creamy Vanilla wrapped in our first-ever chocolate cone topped with a chocolate disc.

This is a dessert of Hindustan Unilever as well as Kwality walls.


Creamy vanilla with Oreo crumbs in a wafer cone (14.63%) with the chocolate compound coating(21.95%).

It also contains Water, Compound Coating (21.95%).

Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm oil, Cocoa Solids, Coconut Oil.

Why should we eat corn ice cream?

Firstly corn is the part of snack ice dessert that got a fixed shape.

Sometimes ice cream cornetto is the part to show off. people feel cool to enjoy eating corn dessert.

Mostly it gives you health benefits. Eating chocolate corn ice cream increases your focus on work.

Kwality- Walls ice cream cornetto oreo best in flavor & most demandable in youth this frozen dessert.

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