Kesar Pista Family Pack Ice Cream 700ml

Kesar Pista Family Pack Ice Cream

Kwality walls Kesar Pista frozen dessert is sweety, testy, and delicious. You can eat with your family, friends, or your surroundings and enjoy your Kesar Pista brick.

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Quality:- This is a Kwality wall dessert with the best quality but we recommend storage in the freezer.

Size:- 700ml family pack.

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The beautiful aroma of the Kesar Pista ice cream family pack price better than others. It is the richness of Kesar or Pista that comes in this very pack of Majestic Kesar Pista. Let the rich texture engulf you and your senses while you treat yourself to this authentic combination of pure royals.


Kwality Walls Kesar Pista ice cream family Pack with Pista Nuts (2.2%)

Water, Sugar, Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose,

Pista Nuts (2.2%), Cashew Nuts (1.0%), and vegetable oil.


Amount Per Portion
Calories                          117kCal
Fat                                   6.2g
Saturated Fat                3.3g
Total Carbohydrate     13g
Sugars                            11.3g
Protein                           2.2g

Why should you eat Kesar Pista ice cream?

beat quality Kesar Pista ice cream has provided coolness to your body and calms down your mental level. It’s best in the summer season and the most edible dessert in an Indian family after dinner.

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