Kwality Walls Cola Blast Ice-Cream- 52gm

Kola blast ice-cream enjoys licking this cool and refreshing ice candy with cola flavor. Slurp!

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Size 52gm


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Kola blast ice-cream is a yummy, colourful Paddle Pop, the most fun and exciting frozen treat ever. Neither the better way to forget about fights nor cool down.

After an exhilarating cricket match on a hot summer day than biting into the delicious goodness of Paddle Pop.

This is also colourful ice candy with its scrumptious and the flavours is sure to add different shades of dynamism to the lives of many children. Kola blast ice-cream taste like Koka kola cold drink.

What things contain in kola blast ice cream.

Enjoy licking this cool and refreshing ice candy with cola flavour. Slurp.
Pure Water, Sugar, Liquid Glucose.

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