Kwality-Walls Dry Fruits Rabdi Kulfi-50ml

Dry fruit rabid kulfi dessert delight packed in a kwality walls packaging coated topped with the milky thickness or contain the Pista for coolness.

Quality:- Good in Kwality-walls packed but store in the cold store.

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Size & storage:- 50ml in size and you can store for best before 12 months from date of manufacture.

Kwality walls kulfi price is better than the market. Dry Fruits Rabdi Kulfi has similar to ice cream in appearance and taste.

It is also a denser and creamier dessert.

The more traditional ones are cream, malai, rose, mango, cardamom, Elaichi, saffron, Kesar, and pistachio.

Dry Fruits Rabdi Kulfi are not whipped resulting in a solid dense frozen dessert. It’s similar to traditional custard-based frozen desserts.

Due to its density of dry Fruits, Rabdi Kulfi takes a longer time to melt than Western ice cream.

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