Kwality Walls Dazzli Tutti Frutti – 700ml

Dazzle tutti frutti ice cream is Kwality walls dessert. We give you the best dessert and service delivered to you. We recommend firstly you can store it in the freezer for 12 months from the date of manufacture but it should not be melted.

Quality: This is Kwality walls and best in taste your health. In short neither it will halm for your family’s health, nor taste.

Size: 700ml family pack.

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Kwality Walls Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Come and enjoy tutti frutti ice cream dazzle with Kwality Walls creamy & fruitily rich.

An old favorite with a new dazzle that will mesmerize your tastebuds with its rich and creamy texture.

Loaded with tiny bits of tutti frutti ice cream.

It is the go-to dessert for all age groups from kids to adults alike.
Our team checks all the frozen desserts before dispatching your order.

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