Fresh organic lady fingers can purchase the best price Buy Potato, tomatoes, or more organic fruits & vegetables at a low market price and free home delivery.
Fresh organic ladyfinger, (bhindi) trendy finger pick up from the farm.

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Quality:- Best in quality & we recommend you consume within 5-6 days at 25-30 degrees Celsius temperature from purchase to consumption. We provide you with quality-checked “bhindi”.

Size:-  Small & medium in size

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Lady finger price is less than from the market. This is a green vegetable that is packed with nutrients. High in vitamins, minerals and fibre. it has several health benefits and is great for your hair and skin.

Why should we eat:-

Its Ladies’ fingers contain plenty of fibre and mucilage, which control the absorption of sugar in your small intestine.

The combination of fibre and mucilage in ladies’ fingers also makes them very good for digestion. They ease the movement of food through your gut and help to reabsorb water.

Ladies’ fingers have laxative properties that not only improve your bowel movements but also soothe irritable bowels and heal peptic ulcers. You can buy the best Lady finger price online.


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