Kwality Walls Lemon Blast- 50ml

Lemon blast Enjoy licking this cool and refreshing ice candy with lemon flavor. Slurp.

Quality: Kwality walls ice-cream always gives you the best quality and your health is our first priority.

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Size: 50ml ice-cream in size.

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Lemon blast ice cream is bittersweet in taste as well as that delicious for you. This is also the creamiest lemon that ever did taste. lemon curd turns into a creamy lemon custard. then frozen until it’s perfectly ice-cream-scoop-able.

Lemon curd – this adds extra creaminess to the ice cream along with a sweet, tart lemon flavor. Since lemon curd has butter in it. It also adds a luscious butteriness to the ice cream.

What the lemon blast ice cream contains?

Water, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidity Regulator.

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