Kwality Walls Mango Zap Ice-Cream- 65ml

Mango Zap ice-cream plunges into the fruity goodness of Kwality Wall’s Mango Zap. Delicious vanilla coated with real Mango fruit ice. You can also read health benefits by scrolling down.

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Quality:- Kwality walls dessert always give you the best quality and your health is our first priority.

Size:- 65ml ice-cream.

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Mango zap ice cream tastes like litter bitter and sweet because of the mango fruit contains.

This also contains a vanilla down layer in the ice cream stick. It’s not an ice cream yet.

This is a frozen dessert that contains vegetable oil.

It’s healthy for your family and full of nutrition from all the mangoes you’re eating.

Mangoes are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, so it’s basically health food ice cream.

Basically, this is good for your health.


Mango zap ice-cream having creamy vanilla coated with mango fruit ice and also the real mango pulp (5.09%). Water, Sugar, Mango Pulp (5.09%), Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Protein (Soy), Acidity Regulator.

Why should we eat mango zap ice-cream?

Health Benefits

This type of quality wall ice cream is healthy and tasty.

This ice cream with mangoes does carry certain health benefits.

The mangoes provide high amounts of pectin, a less commonly known soluble dietary fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

This also helps to prevent prostate cancer.

Mangoes provide digestive enzymes that promote natural and regulated digestion.

Beyond improving the digestive system’s operation, regular consumption of mangoes can enhance the appetite and help with necessary weight gain.

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