Pasta penne

Great value Pasta penne with high protein sticks, buy fresh pasta and get beneficial nutrient order on Foodtokary at free shipping.

The easiest food for your health is pasta which contains the highest protein. order great value pasta penne at Rs 38 per packet.

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Quality:- Good in quality easily consumable and stored in a dried place for one year.

Size:– Medium and large pasta stick size of 250g packet.

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Buy fresh penne pasta cost at Rs 38 of 250g package on Foodtokary | It provides energy and great for adding other healthy foods.

Great value Pasta penne 250gm package price just Rs 38 with free home delivery order on Foodtokary.

The goodness of hard wheat semolina.

Untouched by hand.

Made using Italian technology just cooking time just 9-11 minutes.

Pasta penne nutritional value

Per 100g product            Approx value

Energy (Kcal)                       360

carbohydrate                         74

Dietary fiber                           3

Protein                                    13

Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place

Ingredients: Hard wheat semolina

Allergen information: Contains wheat

Why should you eat pasta?

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