Agro Pure Poha

Fresh Agro Pure Poha with premium quality made from rice & made in India products.

Quality: Agro pure Poha is the best quality premium and you can store it for 90 days.

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Size: Net weight 500g Just Rs 35, You save Rs 25.

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Agro Pure Poha market price is very low on Foodtokary or it is made from paddy. It is a very famous product throughout the country and is consumed in sizeable quantities throughout the year. You have saved Rs 25.

It is primarily a snack item that is extremely simple to make even at a short notice. People of all age groups get pleasure from preparations made from it & they are simple to digest.

Agro Pure Poha is low in lactose low fat and hence good for the heart and blood sugar. It is easy to cook well to taste and good for maintaining body weight.

Buy More agro Poha and make easy your life. The Agro pure Poha market price is just Rs 35. If you want to know more about related this product click here.


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