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Rice (Sela-chawal)

40.00 30.00

Best Sella Chawal like you purchase from the market but no need to clean these rice. Easily you can be cooked. In this season you can buy Sella rice just Rs 30 /kg. There grain so naturally,  healthy. Order on Foodtokary or another grocery you can purchase.

Quality: Good quality products Fresh & clean.

Size: Medium or large in size.

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Excellent Sella rice price Just Rs 30 /kg for your family. There are very relevant prices with better quality with their grains. White Sela Chawal Fresh better quality, easily prepare while you cooking. There are the Sela Chawal accessible and available on the Foodtokary at a good market price. You can buy either open or packed rice. You can buy packed or open Chawal available here. You can also know about why should you eat Sella rice. To click here other benefits of Sella Chawal.


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