Kwality-Walls Blushing Strawberry-700ml

Kwality-Walls Blushing Strawberry is a delicious ripple for the tastebuds and has a wonderful creamy texture making this all-time favorite Frozen dessert taste like fresh strawberries.

Quality:- Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture, store in cold storage.

Size:- 700ml of brick.


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Blushing strawberry family pack ice cream is a delicious ripple for the tastebuds and has a wonderful creamy texture. Making this all-time favorite dessert taste as fresh strawberries plucked straight from the farms of strawberry. It’s enriched with the goodness and soft texture of fresh strawberry cream that will keep you screaming for more of this treat.


Blushing strawberry that only contains Water, Sugar, Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose as well as vegetable Protein (Soy). All these ingredients get naturally that’s a family pack.

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Amount Per Portion
Calories                                 112kCal
Fat                                          5.6g
Saturated Fat                       2.8g
Total Carbohydrate            13.4g
Sugars                                   11.9g
Protein                                  1.9g

Why should we eat ice cream brick?

We all love ice cream if you say you don’t, you’re obviously lying! Keep reading for some reasons why ice cream is good for your family.

We have so many reasons why should we eat ice cream but we will reveal only major sevens.

You can eat ice cream every day and lose weight.

Calcium is a key ingredient in ice cream and calcium-rich foods help keep your body strong and metabolism running well.

Ice cream contains vitamins and minerals.

Eating ice cream is essentially putting milk and cream into your body; these ingredients are great sources of calcium, vitamins A and D, riboflavin, and phosphorus.

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