Tata Tea Gold 1 Kg Pack

Tata Tea gold is available at a reasonable price in a 1 Kg Pack. Also available in masala flavor & loose leaf. There is the find blend Assam CTC Tea with 17% long leaves.

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Aromatic Long leaves 17% gentle role blending and 85% Assam tea Leaves.

Quality: Best & Premium quality, Selected & Blended by Tata Tea Experts.

Size: 1000gm Premium Tea Pack.

Specialty: Perfect for Vegetarians because vegetarian ingredients are available.

Note: It is also famous for Darjeeling Tea, Tata Tea Gold, and Masala Chai. You can prepare to delight chai for your Family.

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Tata Tea is one of the popular brands in India. Every three out of 1 household in India wake up to a cup of Tata Tea. In other words, the most loved Tea by Indians.

The Tata Tea Gold is a very popular tea in India that is a combination of richness and freshness. It comes with the perfect aroma of the long leaves from the high-grown region.

In Addition, this 1 kg Tata tea Gold package has 85% Assam CTC which gives you a rich taste. And 15% gently rolled longer leaves that give you an irresistible Aroma.

Ingredients: Fine blend of Assam CTC Teas with 15% of Long leaves.

How to Prepare

First – Just Added Tata Tea Gold to the 75°C to 110°C Boiling Water.

Second – Add the sugar & milk (based on your requirement) & continue to boil.

Third – At last, Strain into your Cup and enjoy your Tea for an entire day’s freshness.

Also, the packaging of the Tata Tea Gold comes with Ziplock which means 100% fresh and hygienic-free.

The Tata Tea Gold Price you can check here and place the order. It will deliver within 1 to 2 shipping days. Now no needs to go to market just order online and save your time and effort.

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